About Us

PrimeRanks is the biz startup of two aspiring professionals with plenty of hands-on technical writing and consulting background, likewise experience on fields of IT&C, networking, and software development. Our activities are strictly in-house based, results-oriented, clients-friendly, and we are following a set of solid code of ethics.

We offer cost-effective solutions for small businesses, organizations, but also people from all walks of life. We can help alleviate many of the IT dilemmas, help you reach competitive levels when it comes to productivity, scalability. We are able to keep track of your online reputation and turn your image into a new convenient presence.

As of the past few years, the ever-increasing pace of the technology brought a significant need for experts that not only understand the latest technology tidbits, they also know what the client is looking for. Technical writing requires a strong down-to-earth and practical approach. This shines through the consulting services we provide. Keeping things simple, right on the subject, giving a sense of the "big picture" while describing the advantages and drawbacks.

PrimeRanks was launched with a sense of burning desire to provide quality services for our clients. One of our specializations has to do with SEO and reputation management; consequently this means we're definitely conscious to maintain our image.

We are closed for work opportunities until 2011.

Our Approach

The services we offer are balanced in terms of price tags and requests in order to provide the best results for our clients. What sets us apart from competition is our three-word slogan: Dedicaton. Experience. Success. The way we work is approaching each project as unique and challenging. We will not accept and work on competitive projects simultaneously. Ever.

We are trying to keep our clients close during the course of the work. We provide snippets of the result during the span of the contract. We're constantly asking for their feedback in order to improve and get even better.

Ever since the dot-com bubble if you want to survive, you must be flexible; we know that. Feel free to contact us for special inquiries.

We accept software development projects that not too overwhelming for our stage as a firm. Do understand that we don't claim to write the next best-selling productivity suite, but we can definitely help you to achieve certain tasks faster -- more efficiently.

Don't hesitate to contact us with proposals to speak at conference or seminars. As expected, we would prefer staying within our country but all offers are deeply appreciated. Surely, we can work out something. We also write scripts for keynote speeches, design presentations, and code illustrative applications to be shown at such a meeting. Check out our expertise.

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