Our Vision

PrimeRanks aims to not only meet but surpass the expectations of every client.

Our vision is to become a respectable company in our field of expertise while going the extra mile.

Our Mission

We believe that there are no limitations. Nowhere in this world. No matter how greatly your business performs, how well your site ranks, how successful your products are, how popular your brand is, there is always room for improvement. PrimeRanks was founded with a sense of burning desire.

Going the extra mile is the way PrimeRanks approaches business. We are dedicated to your success.

The success of our clients is our success. Part of our services are related to reputation management, therefore we are totally aware of the importance of reputation and popularity. As a result, we take much care of the quality of services we offer, the way we get the work done, and communicate with the clients. We cherish the feedback we receive since it is our goal to remain customer-oriented.

Core Values

  • Dedicationalways going the extra mile
  • Experienceexperts of the things we do
  • Integrity consistency of our actions and values
  • Credibility cherishing reputations since we create them
  • Confidentiality keeping silence when it matters
  • Dependabilitywalking our talk, honoring our words
  • Professionalism it's our style, the way we work

Code of Ethics

We refuse to get involved in campaigns and work with practises that are crossing the boundaries of white-hat ethical SEO. We obey to the terms of services of search engines and directories. We write quality contentDiv for humans, not just forrobots and bots to fool the search engines (keyword stuffing).

Our actions aren't aggressive SEO techniques that do harm to others. We work on the SEO-friendliness of web-site by applying well-known strategies and techniques to improve rankings and attract visitors. We will not attempt heavy spamming of articles, blog comments, link-baiting, or any similar approach.

All in all, our practises are following Google's Webmaster guidelines and our own set of core values.

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