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Our client expanded their well-doing restaurant by providing corporate and social events/private parties catering services alongside their food home delivery which was going “okay” – but not booming at all.

Buffet catering was a tough market to break in a well renowned area with popular choices everyone knew of.


  • 490 food delivery restaurants in the whole city area, excluding metro suburbs;
  • 150 possibilities for hungry clients within a 1.5 km2 range to order;
  • 70+ catering options for buffet catering choices for corporate and social events;


Prime Social Media Strategies:

  • Identified the key and relevant target markets, studied the audience’s behavior in social media:
    • Target including, but not limited to: nearby business center corporations, social events, organizations hosting such events – their employees such as HR personnel, event planners, wedding organizers and their staff, seminar or product launch organizers, etc.
    • Behavior of the target: hobbies, things these people like or enjoy, events they go to;
    • Analyzed and studied the “usual” time frames when orders are placed or researched;
    • Events, such as birthday parties or baby shower caterings for relevant audiences such as moms reading articles or blog posts about newborns. House-warming parties, you say? Those people are browsing and looking for new furniture, interior decor and other related topics;
    • … and many more… these are just quick examples of how to get creative when targeting …
  • Request professionally photographed materials from the client for marketing purposes; yummy looking.
  • Created social media campaigns targeting our “custom audience” by setting up relevant filters;
  • Different ad setups for daily executives, staff meals in corporate settings or home parties/social events.
  • Using specifically phrased language and color patterns within ads for the particularly targeted audience;
  • Split-testing with minimal ad expense before promoting the ads that were bringing in results;
  • Promote like & share campaigns, give discounts (vouchers for next order etc.);
  • Regular posts on social media sites in order to position our client as a “catering expert” in the field, with such and such background and experience, looking forward to serve audiences with mouth-watering buffets, through
    • Creating posts detailing and talking about the different kinds of pizza toppings one by one; their purpose, specialties in different pizza types, how to appreciate the real specialty wood-fired pizzas, etc. (this in case of pizza deliveries; don’t forget, Italians and their pizza, hah!).
    • Create mind-boggling and challenging quizzes, even contests – about bringing up multiple buffet style choices and services offered in case of private parties and social events such as anniversary parties, graduation parties, or retirement parties – then hand out gift cards, meal vouchers, or free take-your-partner/family-to-dinner style of awards (remember: they come to YOUR restaurant yet again, so it’s a double win).
    • The importance of buffet style food serving at company picnics, seminars, business meetings, or conferences – we provided multiple pictures and styling ideas, working together with master chefs and decor artists that have an eye for such things; and due to these… new buzz was created on social media.


Starting with the first month client was astonished by the results brought firstly by home deliveries;

In 2 months’ time the catering business was overwhelmed and the restaurant was forced to hand pick their clients;

In 3 months the business expanded, top profile corporate events with premium demands started popping in;

Business scaling successful in less than 3 months with results showing starting within the first month.