French Beauty Salon Congestion Issue a la Paris



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Our client started a risky, but challenging endeavor right in the heart of Paris: opening a beauty salon close to Les Halles, Notre Dame, and all major tourist attractions you can think of. The main problem was that in such a busy place at every other step there’s a business selling something or providing some service.


  • Couple of hundred beauty salons in Paris, excluding metro suburbs;
  • In the heart of Paris, over 50 beauty salons specializing mainly in women and hairstyles, within 1.3 km2;

Prime Social Media Strategies

  • Identify the key and relevant target markets, main competition, and how they situated within that area;
  • Try to delimit and target the ideal target audience- split into 2 major categories: the local chic French lady who lives downtown and requests such services on a regular basis and the occasional tourist who wants to pop into such a beauty salon during their holiday or business travels.
    • Identify their age range, location, common hobbies, favorite activities, occupations, etc. For example, chic ladies who frequently require the services of beauty salons in a premium area such as Paris downtown also like and are “heavy” consumers of premium fashion label such as Cartier, Hermés, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and many others. Same goes for magazines and everything else that’s social and trendy and goes with such styles.
  • Create social media campaigns targeting our custom audiences by setting up relevant filter factors;
  • Using specifically phrased language and color patterns within ads for the particularly targeted audience;
  • Split-testing with minimal ad expense before promoting the ads that were bringing in results;
  • Promote like & share campaigns, give discounts (vouchers for next order etc.);
  • Direct mail and target 2 “local celebs”. By these we mean two female iconic ladies in their 20s-30s, preferably bloggers and Instagram influencers, having a 100-200k+ follower base. Such fashion icons are always trending on social media and are ideal influencers. Offer them incentives and make “brand ambassadors” of our clients’ beauty salon;
  • Regular posts on social media in order to position our client as a “beauty” expert in the latest trends, such as new hairstyles, what is hot this summer or this season’s specialties when traveling or participating in executive board meetings/conferences;
    • Get the audience to participate by creating surveys, polls, and contests on social media sites;
    • Create “challenging” and viral content by targeting controversial topics, like X or Y celebs appeared on such and such TV shows or social events, what do you think about their style? How would you rate their style? Do aggressive side-by-side comparisons to create controversies, etc.


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